My Pinay Craving Took Me to Max’s

My feet took me to Max’s Restaurant at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) for lunch today. My hunger pangs were asking for something to really satisfy my almost shaking body cells as the clock was striking near 12 noon and I got to grab a meal to nourish my drained energy. Today I wanted a balanced meal (combination of meat and veggies) at a reasonable price.

I was greeted by Haya, the waitress who’s going to serve me. She was friendly but a little slow. I chose the fried chicken and fresh lumpiang ubod meal promo of Max’s Restaurant and ordered a refillable sago’t gulaman for my drinks. My verdict as follows:

Fried Chicken: They gave me a small portion of chicken thigh and a cup of steamed rice. The chicken tasted okay, it was just marinated right and I was able to catch that Max’s fried chicken taste in that small portion of the chicken. The house ketchup this time was not as nice as it was when they still had Jufran ketchup. Now it is sweeter and thicker. I will rate my Max fried chicken 3 stars and 3.5 stars with the house ketchup.

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod: This is their fresh spring roll served with a thick, sweet sauce with ground peanut on top. The lumpia wrapper that they used was very good, it was soft and fresh, just blending nicely with the vegetables and you get the nice, old taste of lumpiang ubod in sauce that you would be expecting. I will give their lumpiang ubod 4 stars for this (if it were not for the very sticky sauce, this could have been five stars!)

Sago’t Gulaman: A really refreshing sweet gulaman drink to satisfy my shaky body. It quenched my thirst and the coldness was just right. Nothing really fancy as the taste is very simple and traditionally the sago’t gulaman I have known since young. Rating? 3.5 stars!

Wait! Did Haya ask me to order their “bottomless” sago’t gulaman? I think so, yet when I asked one of the waiters to refill he did not do it and I felt that he was elusive. Hmmmm… well, I asked the other waitress (Hello Haya, where are you? I thought you said you will be my server for the day?), she refilled my glass fast.

All for the price of Php 380+ it was not bad, but given a choice, I would choose to spend my Php385 somewhere that would make me more satisfied and happier. Where could it be? I am still looking for the candidate restaurants/ food establishments to win the spot.

‘Till next eating time!

I grew up eating at Max’s Restaurant in the Philippines. I specifically love their crabmeat fried rice and the way they cook their fried chicken, which is their best seller. I got the opportunity of eating solo this week at Max’s BGC branch and all I can say is “Go Gulaman and Go Lumpia” for the obvious reason that I rated these menus more than 3 stars for this food review.

Best Vegan Eats in NYC

Delice & Sarrasin

20 Christopher St (at West Village, Manhattan), New York City, New York

Cuisine: French

This innovative restaurant focuses on French dishes. The idea came about after the owner visited France and discovered how difficult it was to find vegan food as everything contained eggs or cream. At Delice & Sarrasin, you’ll find many traditional French dishes with a vegan twist such as foie gras, coq au vin and beef bourguignon as well as crepes.


12 E 32nd St (at Midtown East, Manhattan), New York City, New York

Cuisine: Korean

HanGawi is a popular choice for vegans in New York, as it is a traditional Korean restaurant experience. You’ll be asked to remove your shoes at the door and sit on the floor before choosing from a menu inspired by the mountains and the diet of Ancient Koreans. Expect to enjoy vegan dumplings, tofu clay pots, bean curd and traditional teas. HanGawi also has a more casual sister restaurant, the Franchia Vegan Cafe, where you can enjoy vegetable sushi and a variety of noodle dishes.

Chelsea: 60 W 23rd St (at Chelsea, Manhattan), New York City, New York

Financial District: 100 Maiden Ln (entrance on Pearl Street) (at Financial District)

Midtown East: 685 3rd Ave, Manhattan (at E 43rd St)

Cuisine: Fast food

Terri is a vegan fast food restaurant that became so popular that there are now three locations throughout NYC. You’ll find sandwiches, wraps, baked goods, juices and smoothies. Terri is well-known for a vegan take on classic meat sandwiches such as buffalo chicken, and bacon cheddar ranch.

00 + Co

65 2nd Ave (at East Village, Manhattan), New York City, New York

Cuisine: Pizza

00 + Co opened in February 2016 as a vegan pizza joint. The organic pizza is prepared in a traditional wood burning oven and you can accompany it with a variety of small plates, ice cream and organic wine. There is also outdoor seating so you can dine al fresco in the summer months.

Blossom Restaurant

187 9th Ave (at Midtown/Chelsea, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10011

Cuisine: Fine dining

In Chelsea, you will find this upscale restaurant serving only vegan food. You can expect to find pumpkin gnocchi, black eyed pea cake and porcini crusted seitan fillet as some of the gourmet dishes on the menu. At weekends, you can enjoy a classic NYC-style brunch.

Buddha Bodai

77 Mulberry St (at Chinatown, Manhattan), New York City

Cuisine: Chinese

If you’re looking to enjoy traditional Chinese dim sum and other dishes, Buddha Bodai is the place to go. Try the dumplings and the baby bok choy and you can eat in or take away. Some people say that vegans can struggle to eat in Chinatown if they don’t speak Chinese, but this isn’t the case any more thanks to Buddha Bodai and its variable menu.

Beyond Sushi

62 W 56th S (at Midtown West, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA

Cuisine: Sushi
With locations in Midtown West and Union Square, Beyond Sushi is a great option if you need a quick takeaway. You can choose from soy bean paper rolls or nori, and add a side salad if you’re still hungry. You can accompany your meal with a fresh juice.

By Chloe

185 Bleecker St, New York City, New York, USA, 10012

60 W 22nd St (Flatiron), New York City, New York

Cuisine: American

The flagship location of By Chloe can be found on Bleecker Street, just near Washington Square Park. It is one of the most famous vegan restaurants in New York offering burgers, fries, mac and cheese and baked goods. Next door, there is a Sweets By Chloe bakery where you will find vegan cupcakes, ice cream and other treats.


125 E 39th St (at Murray Hill, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10016

Cuisine: Japanese

Focusing on Shojin cuisine, Kajitsu has a traditional Japanese vibe, with the food taking inspiration from a Zen monk’s diet. It’s recommended that you visit for dinner, not lunch, as the menu is more varied.

May Kaidee

126 E 28th St (at Kips Bay, Manhattan), New York City, New York

Cuisine: Thai

May is a famous chef, well-known for her original recipes in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The NYC branch of May Kaidee is her first US restaurant. You will find plenty of different menu options with gluten-free alternatives available. May also runs cooking classes and you can buy her cookbook to try and recreate her unique recipes at home.

NY Dosas (food cart)

Washington Square Park (at corner of W 4th & Sullivan St), New York City

Cuisine: Indian

This vegan food cart focuses on making traditional Indian dosas. The chef will ask you how spicy you like your food before he makes it, so it is ideal for both spice fans and those less keen. The food cart makes an ideal spot to sit in the sun and people watch whilst you enjoy your food.

Caravan of Dreams

405 E 6th St (at Avenue A, East Village, Manhattan), New York City

Cuisine: Raw/organic food

This restaurant in the East Village has plenty of raw dishes available as well as cooked offerings such as paella and burritos. The dessert menu is extensive with Nutella made in-house.

Dun-Well Doughnuts

102 St Marks Pl, New York City

Cuisine: Sweet treats

Dun-Well Doughnuts is small, but it doesn’t compromise on quality. You can choose from a variety of different vegan doughnuts, ice cream and sundaes as well as Italian lemonade and soda. There is a flagship bakery in Brooklyn too if you’re out that way and get a craving for a treat.

Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Ontario

Best restaurants in Ontario

One thing we all share on Earth is the love for food. Every home has a foodie whose dream is to try each and everything. Here when we are in Ontario province you can dream of any food you want to have around the globe.

No matter if you seek Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental or its native signature dishes such as Pasta, Beavertails etc. But if you like to tease your taste-buds more often, then Indian food must have been on the top of your list.

Entire Indian cuisine is full of spicy and delightful dishes, ever ready to make you crave for more. But we tend to believe no matter how many restaurants are there around the corner, the particular taste belongs to its origin only.

What if I say That’s not the case here! Being a foodie, I always keep looking for something new and I have been at a place called “The Rajdhani Sweets and Restaurant” which would tame your tongue with their entire range of marvelous Indian dishes.

The menu ranges from Sweets viz. Kaju roll, Kalakand, Pinni, Cham Cham etc (P.S. I am mouthwatering at the moment) and traditional dishes such as Kachori Chana, Aloo Tikki, Samosa, Biryani etc. The most loved items are Dal Makhani, Paneer Masala, Chaat Papri, Saag, and Roti. The ambiance of the place and heart-welcoming treatment makes you fall more in the place.

Veggies are die hard fans of cheese or paneer! If you ask them their favorite fritter then I bet paneer pakora will top the list. Dipped in the batter of gram flour and served with tamarind chutney or coriander mint as per your taste! The way it dissolves in the mouth makes you crave for more!

Either sliced or filled in bitter gourds are one of most beloved dishes in the world. They can tame every taste bud with their spices and onion garnishing. The unique taste makes it stand out of the main course and make people try it once and follow it for the rest of life.

You just can’t leave the place until your tummy is full up to its top and you need two men to drop you at home. LOL! I bet you won’t be able to skip this place anymore.

This place entirely makes a person feel happy and satisfied. If you are a foodie and need a place to relax and try something new then this is the one.